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Wireless Cell Phone Charging Kiosks & Lockers

Our wireless mobile charging kiosks & lockers will surely elevate your event or venue.

They allow guests to relax and enjoy themselves because they can charge their cell phones at their convenience. Our kiosks also provide an opportunity for guests to be engaged by the branding and advertising on the unit as well. As much as people depend on their cell phones and other mobile devices, many people simply consider a dead battery to be unacceptable. When batteries run low and electrical outlets are not available, the need for cell phone charging stations becomes clear.

Cell phone charging stations are exactly what they sound like, mobile kiosk units that allow patrons to charge their cell phones and certain other types of mobile devices, like tablets and media players, for free. For those wanting to monetize foot traffic, mobile phone charging stations are a great way to do it. Patrons simply walk up to one of the available mobile phone charging stations, find the appropriate charging cable for their phone or other mobile device, plug in and charge. While patrons wait for their phones to charge, the cell phone charging stations display consumer friendly digital ads about what products, services, or events the hosting venue wants to highlight.

Cell Phone Charging Kiosks Rental, Leasing & Sales

We specialize in cell phone charging kiosk rental, leasing & sales. Our unique digital signage technology and freestanding kiosks can be fully customize to meet your mobile charging and marketing needs. Mobile phone charging kiosks can also be used to direct foot traffic. If there are areas of your convention or venue that you want to highlight, the strategic placement of cell phone charging kiosks can direct foot traffic to those areas. Mobile device charging stations are easy to install and can be easily moved depending on where foot traffic is desired. Because of their ability to drive and direct foot traffic, mobile phone charging kiosks make the perfect additions to just about any venue you can imagine.

Mobile Phone Charging Kiosks for Events

Our mobile charging kiosks are made to enhance your event! They are interactive, provide a different way to build customer loyalty and allow you to relay the message directly to your audience. Charge N Go Networks offers mobile device charging stations at affordable daily lease rates. Several models with video screens are available that offer the ability to charge from 8 to 30 phones at once. Certain cell phone charging stations offer locking compartments so users can leave their phones and wander the venue. Cell phone charging kiosks with locking compartments come with the option of key or electronic locking mechanisms. Even if the users walk away from the cell phone charging kiosks and don’t view the ads displayed, the venue still benefits from the use of the mobile device charging stations by keeping users nearby so they can browse the offerings in the area of the venue where the charging kiosk is placed.

Our mobile charging stations, power banks and power bars can keep your visitors happy at your next event. Charge N Go Networks offers sturdy, well built, and easy to operate cell phone charging kiosks. We stand behind the quality of our mobile device charging stations and are confident that you will not only be impressed by the construction of your mobile phone charging stations, but also with the effectiveness of our mobile phone charging kiosks to direct crowds and monetize a captive audience.

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