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floor model charging station main image.

Floor Model

Charging Stations

Our floor model mobile phone charging stations and lockers will elevate any type of event. 


Table Top

Charging Stations

Add convenience and charm to your venue with a quality table top cell phone charging station.

Cell Phone Charging Stations, Kiosks & Digital Lockers

At Charge N Go Networks, we offer a wide range of cell phone charging stations, kiosks and digital lockers. Our goal is to ensure that the guests at your next event will not be disappointed. Who hasn’t run out of battery life at the absolute worst moment? Why leave your attendees in a lurch? Provide them with the convenience of a rapid charge to any of their wireless devices. Regardless of the nature of the event or the type of venue, we have a mobile phone charging station that will satisfy your guests and elevate your event or facility.

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