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Charge N Go Networks provides a useful service to consumers the LCD cell phone charging table.

Digital out of home advertising is the fastest growing segment of advertising in a non-growing market. Advertisers are not receiving the impression base and ROI from more traditional mediums such as print, tv and radio. Digital forms of advertising are the newest and most appealing medium available in today's market. Therefore, those charging their Mobile Devices on the Charge N Go kiosk - as well as those proximate to the kiosk - devote 10-15 minutes expericenceing the advertising and content on the LCD screen, illuminated billboard and top-cap, which ranges from full motion video, still images or text. The Charge N Go kiosk creates a captive audience, highly attractive to advertising and media agencies. Additionally, the LCD scre

ens can serve as a source of useful information. For example, a mall could have a kiosk that tells shoppers about store specials; a hotel could provide information on local attractions; colleges can offer promotions of campus events and activities. Charge N Go provides a useful service to consumers. It is ideal for many different settings including shopping malls, colleges, hospitals, stadiums, restaurants and bars. The kiosks can either be equipped with bill and coin collectors and credit card readers or can be free-charging. Additional optional features include a Remote Content Management System (RCMS). Bluetooth-enabled proximity marketing. SMS text messaging and the ability to wrap the kiosk in sponsor branding. For more information please contact us here.

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